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Debtor Tracing

When a debtor absconds, creditors can be left with astronomical debts. National Person Finder can trace these debtors no matter where they are hiding. Why leave your financial security at risk, when you can use our debtor tracing service today.

Tracing Relatives

Family is the most important thing, but not always the easiest to keep together. If you're missing a relative right now, it doesn't have to be forever. Use our investigative techniques to bring your loved ones back into your life.

Find Old Friends

Friends come and go throughout your life. There are always those certain friends, though, who you never forget. National Person Finder offer a unique investigative service, helping bring back friends that you wish you'd never lost.

How national person finder can help you

With more than 40 years experience carrying out private investigations for corporate and private clients, National Person Finder's skilled team of investigators work quickly and discretely to find anyone, anywhere in the UK and beyond.

Using an effective combination of modern and traditional methods, our agents have helped thousands of people find old friends, trace relatives, trace debtors and locate witnesses.

With unparalleled access to public and private records, databases, and with a range of powerful utilities at our disposal, our searches can look behind name changes, national and international changes of address and fake identities to locate your target with confidence.

Whether you want to reconnect with a loved-one, old friend, or long-lost relative, or whether you wish to trace a debtor and recover funds that are rightfully yours.

To find out more about the UK's longest established person tracing service can help you find your missing person, give us a call today on 0845-340-2805 or visit our contact page.

we have found friends, relatives, missing people & debtors throughout the UK

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As part of a dispute in a high-value matter we needed to trace the previous owners of a property in order to support and progress our case to trial stage. Within 48 hours National Person Finder had located a key witness to our proceedings, helping us to a successful and financially rewarding result in our case.

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