National Person Finder – What Makes us Different?

National Person Finder is a cut above the average investigation agency. We take pride in our ability to find people, whether it’s long-lost relatives or absconding debtors. But that’s not what makes us different.

Our commitment to private investigation and track and trace cases is what makes us unlike the rest. We have a professional, dedicated, accountable team of specialist personnel who work to find  missing persons around the world.

We have clients in the corporate sector and private individuals who hire us. While we don’t specialise in any form of person finder work, we do distinguish ourselves from other agencies because of our bespoke, skilled, dependable investigation officers.

Why Hire Us?

You will find cheaper investigative services out there. In fact, you’ll find plenty who offer to find the person or not charge a fee. Their work is worthless and here’s why. They don’t generally undertake any kind of investigation at all. Their ‘investigations’ are desk based. If they can’t find your missing person after half an hour’s search online, they just close the case.

At National Person Finder we aim to quickly and discreetly track and trace individuals, in the UK or across the world. We charge a fair fee, and we are tenacious to committed to locating each missing person – debtors can’t hide from us, lost friends are rediscovered by is and family rifts are healed by our services.

The difference between us and the others, is they’re not in the same business we are! We’re here to find the person you want located, not from our desks, not by searching a couple of online databases, but by setting out to do detailed, uncompromising investigative work with discretion and  dedication.

National Person Finder’s List of Services

Our specialist teams focus on three key areas of investigation

  1. Tracing long-lost relatives and finding missing friends
  2. Tracking debtors so debts can be repaid
  3. Locating beneficiaries

Whilst each of these is a ‘missing persons’ case, the approach is different for each category of person finder activity. Whilst we have access to private databases and can explore public and private records not available to any but a specialist researcher, we know that the approach to finding a persistent debtor needs to be quite different to identifying the unknowing beneficiary to an estate, which again is completely different to finding a relative or friend who dropped out of sight.

In each case their are similarities – we work speedily so as to minimise cost and case time. We work sensitively to ensure that nobody but the client knows we are on the trail of a missing person. We work professionally so that difficult situations are resolved quickly and in the best interests of all concerned.

Above all we take pride in our work, because it’s a vital service. So if we can help you solve a problem today, please contact us and let us begin the process that finds your solution.