About Us

Missing Persons – National Person Finder is the solution

After nearly forty years of investigative prowess, Peter Taylor and Associates recognised that one area of private investigation merited a dedicated agency. That area was missing persons. The agency was National Person Finder

Founded in 2009, National Person Finder draws upon two disciplines – private investigation (including London) and online records-based research, to create tracing packages that resolve problems related to people who have gone missing whether they are potential beneficiaries, debtors who have skipped out on their responsibilities, or friends or family members who have disappeared.

The success of the original National Person Finder led to the establishment of two regional offices – a southern office based in London and a north based team in Manchester which coordinate UK-based investigations between them,  as well as a nationwide service that conducts international investigations and is our first response contact if you’re not sure which team is best placed to assist you.

We have skilled teams that work across disciplines such as process serving, database enquiry, private investigation and historical case work. By designing track and trace systems that support our collaborative teamwork, we provide results that other services can’t deliver.

Our work in debtor tracing has assisted many corporate clients to regain lost monies, our expertise in locating beneficiaries is second to none in the UK, and we know that our skill in tracing family and friends has brought many happy endings

National Person Finder is not …

A desk-based no-find, no-fee organisation.

National Person Finder is …

  • A dedicated professional team of investigators
  • Versed in the legal and financial aspects of missing persons enquiries
  • On-the-ground detectives with honed skills in finding people who have gone missing
  • Committed to using state-of-the-art technology to expedite every missing persons case we undertake.

Unlike many others in the field, we focus on simple and effective solutions that ensure that we get the results as swiftly and discreetly as possible.