How to Succeed in Debtor Tracing

Debtor tracing has become a fact of life for many UK businesses in recent years. Increasingly, private individuals are needing debtor tracing services too. At National Person Finder we’ve observed that one of the effects of the recession has been to cause a rash of people absconding on their debts – tenants skipping out on the rent, people defaulting on hire purchase agreements and customers failing to pay their bills and vanishing from the scene.

Outstanding payments are the bane of many small businesses and we’re committed to helping business people succeed in regaining lost income. Non-commercial debt is even more distressing – for private landlords or people who’ve loaned money in good faith, there’s often an emotional component to the loss of money – they feel like they’ve been taken for a ride.

Unpaid debt and National Person Finder

We offer so much more help than just tracing debtors. Our range of professional services allows corporate and private clients to master financial issues that have spiralled out of control. We can:

  • Trace debtors
  • Track name and address changes to discover if people are who they say they are
  • Break through fake identities to find the real perpetrator
  • Uncover fraudulent businesses.

This means that we don’t just help you recover debt. National Person Finder can assist you to avoid bad debtors by discovering and avoiding them.

If you have fallen into the grip of a bad debt, we have a team of skilled and experienced investigators who can speed the recovery of money owing to you. Our proven track record in tracking down fugitives and exposing risky individuals and enterprises keeps you safer and gives you a more robust business.

If you’re a landlord, or at risk of personal debt, we can give you peace of mind by investigating the real circumstances so you know what you’re getting into.

No Trace No Fee Doesn’t Help

Let us be honest – we know now tempting it is to opt for a no find, no fee operation, but the reality is that you probably won’t recover your debt that way. Here’s why: a no trace, no fee organisation will simply conduct an online search to see if they can easily track the address of the debtor. If they can, they will charge you a small fee for doing almost nothing. If they can’t, they will tell you the debtor can’t be found.

That simply isn’t true.

Experience counts when you are trying to trace a debtor. Our forty years of field work, allied to access to state-of-the-art subscription databases, means that we can find people who’ve covered their tracks skilfully. We have a team that is devoted to person tracing, debt recovery and securing the return of unpaid goods. They work alongside the department that specialises in locating beneficiaries so both teams benefit from a blend of historical/legal investigation and on the ground field research that leads to success.

We want you to get your money back – and we charge you a realistic fee so that we can make every attempt to reunite you with your missing finance.