National Person Finder and how to locate a missing person

What makes National Person Finder so special? It’s our unique focus on finding people who have gone missing – rather than on undertaking every kind of private detective work going. This is a vital consideration when you’re looking for somebody who has vanished, particularly if they have been missing for some time.

For example, when Ariane Lak disappeared, it took her family a considerable period of time to realise she was missing, simply because fifty-year-old Ariane, who suffers from schizoaffective disorder, had been in the process of moving from one hotel in Milan to another, and as a result there was little concern when she wasn’t in touch for a while. By the time they did discover the problem, the trail had gone cold. For Ariane Lak, the private detective who discovered her sleeping rough on the streets of Milan, was a timely intervention as it appears she may have been the victim of an assault in which she hit her head and which appears to have affected her memory.

Missing persons – how to re-start a cold case

In such cases, organisations like National Person Finder have to retrace the last known movements of the person who has gone missing but also take a complete case history of the individual to establish likely places for them to go and uncover patterns of behaviour that could put the private investigator back on the trail.

It’s rare for the police to have the resources to put into missing persons cases where there has been a long gap between the person’s disappearance and its reporting, but a dedicated firm of specialist investigators like National Person Finder is experienced in locating people whose disappearance has been complicated by a gap in time.

When finding a missing person isn’t the end of the story

Sometimes people don’t want to be found, and in many cases the work of NPF is over when we make our complete and confidential report to the client who has hired us to find a missing person. On other occasions it may be necessary to do more than establish a location – people who have stepped out of their lives often have complex problems that require more than just a report and our dedicated investigators are able to offer support and guidance to those whose family members or friends have gone missing.

So if you’re looking for a team of private investigators with truly specialist skills in finding missing persons and in helping their clients to work out the best next steps to take, look no further than National Person Finder, the UK’s foremost organisation for locating people who have gone missing.