Tracing Family

National Person Finder’s Unique Approach to Tracing Family

There can be few more distressing circumstances than losing touch with a friend or family member. Sometimes it happens by accident – people move home and addresses get lost, family members drift away because of work or relationships and somehow lose touch. On other occasions this happens more dramatically – family rows, friends getting into things we don’t approve of, or us getting into things our friends don’t like!

Whatever the reason for the rupture, National Person Finder has a system of tracking down missing relatives and locating long-lost friends that has reunited friends and brought many a missing person back to their family.

Dedicated Missing Person Services

We treat each case as unique, creating a dedicated team to undertake the tracing process. As a result we can:

  • Find missing relatives
  • Trace long lost family members
  • Locate beneficiaries
  • Discover the identity of birth parents
  • Find and serve individuals for legal proceedings, for example in Family Court cases.

Because each Person Finder team’s composition depends on the individual case, it may undertake such detective work as, track and trace, online investigation, surveillance, on-the-ground research, legal and judicial search processes. We have scope to conduct international investigations and to draw on expertise in other jurisdictions. Above all, we guarantee your complete confidentiality, ensuring that nobody ever discovers you have undertaken a person finder process. This guarantee is based on our long history of successful results in tracing family members and friends.

What you can expect from National Person Finder

We know that it’s stressful to face the process of finding a missing person. Whatever the results, life will change and that can be disturbing. As a result of our many decades of successful missing person cases, we offer a service second to none which includes:

  • Free assessment – we are here to listen and understand, and then to respond honestly and with integrity. We won’t take your money if we can’t help, we won’t make promises we can’t keep. We guarantee that we’ll be decent, truthful and responsive
  • Confidentiality and privacy – we protect your details so nobody ever knows that you’ve undertaken a search for a friend or family member
  • Understanding and compassion – our personnel are trained to recognise the pressures you’re under, which is why you’ll have contact with people who know and understand your case, you’ll be updated regularly on progress and you’ll never feel that you’re being passed from hand to hand.

If you’re ready to let the UK’s longest established family tracing service work with you to track down missing friends and family, call us today on 08000149761 or complete the form on our contact page.