Worldwide Missing Sheep Case

npf max the sheep

Sometimes you genuinely couldn’t make it up. Remember Ace Ventura Pet Detective? Well here’s a true story about a missing person who is actually a missing sheep, set in Ventura, California, complete with a missing persons poster – and before you read any further, National Person Finder has to inform you that this case doesn’t have a happy ending, or in fact, any ending, yet, but things aren’t looking good.

So, Kristin Colell is an animal owner who has a farm in Camarillo. When her pet sheep Max, went missing on April 7th, she was certain that he had been taken. She called the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office but when they came out, they could find no evidence of foul play. In fact, an agricultural crimes detective with the county claims the animal may just have ‘gotten out of his pen’.

This was not good enough for Colell who believes that the injured sheep that was left behind, and the fact that a chain collar was found near the sheep pen means that her pet was taken – Ms Colell doesn’t use collars on her sheep. Max, a Suffolk Hampshire, is five years old (too old to eat) and neutered (so no good as a ram) so it’s a mystery why anybody would want this particular animal. Even more of a mystery, according to Colell is the fact that the chain collar collected by the deputy who found it near the pen has gone missing. As a result, Ms Colell has appointed a private investigator experienced in missing persons cases to try and establish what happened to Max

As of today, there is no news of Max, although his owner has put up posters offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to Max’s return home. While a number of anonymous tip offs have been received by the PI, not has panned out.

It might sound a little mad to us, and yet one of the most difficult situations that any missing persons investigator has to deal with is where somebody has absconded with something … or somebody.

Missing persons and abductions

At National Person Finder we have first-hand experience of such missing persons cases. Sometimes people vanish with other people’s property, sometimes it’s pets that they take, which can be heartbreaking, and in extreme cases, spouses have been known to make off with their own children, leaving a devastated mother or father behind.

Such high profile cases as Safraz Khan’s missing daughter reveal that this is a common problem for many families, so much so that the UK Government has a website dealing with this exact problem.

We’ve handled many successful cases of absconding missing persons and retrieved property and reunited family members – but nobody so far has hired us to find a sheep!